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24 Hours... WTF?!!

Within 24 hours I had clients booking within 1 email, WTF?!! This is a game changer for my business!

I learnt so much, not only marketing but how to save time with my workload and get people to book more quickly.

- Katie B


So Much

I was expecting to given info on marketing, but I got so much more!

These are practical techniques I can use to target the clients I want, paying the prices I want. Your help has been amazing, without you I would never have come so far!

- Chris R



Matt & SJ are F*cking brilliant, they are enthusiastic and helpful and I look forward to each lesson.

The Academy exceeded my expectations, now I am less afraid to put my prices up and stand my ground on discount seekers!

- Stevie Jay

Becoming a Business Pioneer

Wolfe-Island is not for the faint hearted! This intensive business training is exclusively deisgned for anyone serious about creating a wildly succesful and sustainable business

You will be stretched and you will be challenged, but you will also be equipped with all the practical tools you need to survive and dominate in a changing market.

Warning: Side effects may include; mind-blowing profits, excess enquiries, increased happiness and a severe lack of stress.

Lukas Piatek

Who Are Matt & SJ?

International Business Mentors, Matt & SJ are the big-hearted, contagiously enthusiastic visionaries behind Wolfe-Island. 

Combining tried & tested Sales & Marketing Expertise with practical real-world applications, their passion is helping awesome photographers like you, build the sucessful business they deserve.

When not transforming businesses they can be found teaching their cat Jeremy to do tricks (seriously, he can do 5 and counting!)

I really like the Facebook community, we learned a lot from each other too...

Matt & SJ’s positive energy is contagious- the perfect combination of humour and professionalism. They have really helped us and I feel optimistic about getting more clients!

Andrej R  //  Wedding Photographer

Giving Back

At Wolfe Island we passionately believe that succesful business is not just about what you can get, but about what you can give.

Wolfe Island exists for a cause greater than itself and 15% of all profits go on to make a difference in lives across the world.

Partnering with many amazing charities and aid organisations we are particularly excited to partner with International Justice Missions and Compassion child sponsorship.

Need a little extra help?

Wolfe Island is the gift that keeps on giving! If you would like help to calculate your exact profits, salary and price per client simply - head over to Redwood to use the free price calculator.

The free calculator takes all the mystery out of deciding your pricing. In just 10 minutes you can calculate your exact price for each client, increase your income or reduce your costs!