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Photography Business Training Foundations : Focus



Today we're looking at part 2 in the Wolfe Island Business Foundations course: FOCUS

Think about this for a second: 

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
Without a plan of how to get where you hope to go, any goal you have will just be a hopeful wish.

I absolutely love a good plan - because without one, you're never going to end up where you want to go.

Want to be a destination wedding photographer? I can tell you from experience, a plan is the only thing that gets you there.

Want to be the go-to boudoir photographer in your city? Time to make a plan! 

I know what you are thinking..."er, dur...I know I need a plan! 

I HAVE a plan; I want to be a full-time photographer" 

Here's the thing, we're not talking about THAT kind of plan.

It's not enough to have a vague end goal in your mind.

If it is not written down, If it is not actionable,
If it is not calculated,

Then it is NOT a plan, it's merely a wish!

Remember a plan without a goal is just a wish.

You need FOCUS

You need to be able to clearly see where you are going AND be able to see how to get there!

Over the coming weeks, we're going to continue discussing the 8 essential business 
foundations - This has the power to start to transform your business success, but only if you
make plans from them.

So what does a plan actually get you? 

Firstly a plan stops you feeling discouraged when things don't work!

When you feel discouraged you think you're a failure, and when you think you're a failure - that's when you give up.

Secondly, a plan shows you what workedwhat was a waste of time and what can be improved because you can compare different ideas. 

With a plan you've always got improvements to make so you never actually fail. 

Ever run a Facebook ad that didn't work? I bet you only 
ran one, and now convinced that Facebook ads don't work for photographers.

Well you'd be extremely lucky if anything works the first time you try! A planner sets aside time and money to give it a few tries and make it work.

On top of that a plan keeps you accountable to finish what you start.

Most of us come up with an idea, do 5% of it and then never see it through. 

Not one single success in my photography business has happened until I've seen plans through 100% to completion. 

In fact some things feel like they get worse at the beginning, until you break through the give-up barrier. 

Going all the way, 100%, takes serious mental commitment and there are two things that we have found have helped us to keep going.

First, planning - having the goal written down, and all the steps leading up to it. 

Second, someone to talk it through with - 
we've got an unfair advantage because we're married, but you will have someone you can talk to as well.

We need other photographers around us!

Get prepared to start making plans,

Get another photography buddy who is going to hold you to your plan - someone you can bounce ideas off, someone who can pick you up on your dark days and remind you of your focus.

Have you got that person in mind?

Invite them to come and join us for this series by sending them to the Wolfe island website and then you can go through these 8 Foundations to Photography Business Success together!

You can talk through each new challenge and encourage each other. 

And don't forget that you can also get involved with the community over on the Wolfe-Island Business Exchange Facebook group! 

We are all colleagues not competition, together we are stronger.

Stay tuned for part 3, which will be coming your way very soon!

By the way, if you missed part one of the foundation series (Profit!) - all you need to do is go here 🙂

We're excited to keep building business with you! Look out for part 3 coming soon!


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Matt is an award-winning, destination wedding photographer based in the UK. He helps photographers with their SEO, marketing, and strategies for getting more clients!