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Overcoming in 2020


Happy New Year from Wolfe-Island!

I don't know about you - but I'm thankful for 2019... Not because it was good, but because it made me stronger.

I hope you had a great year but if you didn't, I really hope that you can look back with some perspective this New Year and see some benefit to all those trials and disappointments.

Our photography businesses are a little like a boat on the sea - at the mercy of the wind and waves. There are things we can do to prepare, there are things we can do to adapt - but sometimes stuff just happens.

Or you might be like us - business is fine, it's just the rest of life feels like a storm... the good news is that at some point it will be over, but even better you'll be stronger and be more experienced because of it all!

So in this short episode, before we kick off 2020 with a bang, we just wanted to share a little about what's been going on for us, and how that will hopefully encourage you for this coming new year!

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About the Author

Matt is an award-winning, destination wedding photographer based in the UK. He helps photographers with their SEO, marketing, and strategies for getting more clients!