How to Price Photography

Pricing your photography can feel like a minefield…

Too high, you get no clients, too low you go bust!

It’s no surprise then, that there are so many ways to price your services. 

There are probably no wrong answers, but it’s important to find out which works well for your type of client.

SJ and I (Matt!) actually disagreed on this one (only a little!) – but did agree on one thing for sure…

No matter what pricing strategy you go for, implementing staggered commitment systems will help you get more clients!

Find out how in this weeks episode!

It’s important to get your pricing right – if you over-complicate it, or don’t make it clear enough you’ll lose potential clients within seconds.

Get it right though, and you can actually seal the deal with more potential clients!

We’ll be releasing new podcasts regularly going forwards – covering the questions the photography community have been asking! 

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