How To Get Destination Weddings

It can feel like an impenetrable market…

But there are a few things to know first – you don’t need to shoot destination weddings.

Don’t be desperate, becasue that leads to bad decisions… like our next point – don’t do discounts for destination weddings! 

It’s true, the Destination wedding market feels a lot smaller than the regular one… until you realise that people get married everywhere, and you can book couples who are native to the countries you’re looking to shoot in!

It was through a happy accident that SJ and I started shooting destination wedding work – and though it’s not for the faint of heart, it’s been really fun.

Check out this episode of the podcast to hear how we accidentally got those first clients, and exactly where we get all our current clients! 

We’ll be releasing new podcasts regularly going forwards – covering the questions the photography community have been asking! 

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