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Ghostbusters – How to Stop Clients Ghosting you!


Getting more clients takes hard work and determination...

But it's so frustrating when you get a dream enquiry, you imagine shooting the job, you get excited, you reply....

And then silence! It's so common! And infuriating!

When a client ghosts you, it can feel like rejection. And in some ways it is... But it doesn't need to be.

There are two things you can do to defeat ghosting - first, fix your sales process, second let it go!

This week we're talking:

  1. 1 How to get your website filtering out time-wasters
  2. Coping with what feels like rejection
  3. What you should be doing instead of trying to get them to respond 

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About the Author

Matt is an award-winning, destination wedding photographer based in the UK. He helps photographers with their SEO, marketing, and strategies for getting more clients!